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    10 Apps To Download On Your New iPad

    From by Ramin Edmond   Whether you were gifted the new iPad Air 2 over the holidays or an older model iPad, it’s important to remember that your new hardware is nothing without the software. You might like the display, you might like the light weight and slim dimensions, and you might like the high-end cameras on the iPads, but without some cool apps, you’re not making the most out of Apple’s top selling tablets. Apple’s new iPad Air 2 comes packed with some incredible software including Apple Pay, Health, and more on iOS 8, but there are tons of third-party apps that take advantage of some of the iPad’s key features, including Touch ID on the new iPad.

    Questions to ask before starting a business

    From by Nellie Akalp   Ready to launch your own business? You’re not alone: Each year at CorpNet we see an uptick of new businesses formed in January. The New Year marks a new beginning, and what can be more fulfilling and exciting than making things happen with your own business? As a serial entrepreneur myself, I wouldn’t trade the opportunities and exhilaration for anything in the world, but I also realize that launching and running a business isn’t for everyone. While you can’t prepare yourself for every aspect of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, here are six important questions to ask before you quit your day job and dive in:   1. What’s your motivation? People are drawn to start their own business for a variety of business. Some hate having a boss, are tired of the morning commute, and feel they can do it better on their own. Others



    How Big Data Has Transformed Our Economy And Our Lives

    From by Deven Parekh   The great Danish physicist Niels Bohr once observed that “prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” Particularly in the ever-changing world of technology, today’s bold prediction is liable to prove tomorrow’s historical artifact. But thinking ahead about wide-ranging technology and market trends is a useful exercise for those of us engaged in the business of partnering with entrepreneurs and executives that are building the next great company.   Moreover, let’s face it: gazing into the crystal ball is a time-honored, end-of-year parlor game. And it’s fun.   So in the spirit of the season, I have identified five big data themes to watch in 2017. As a marketing term or industry description, big data is so omnipresent these days that it doesn’t mean much. But it is pretty clear that we are at a tipping point. The global scale of the


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