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    Family Office Efficiency

    By JESSICA HICKMAN, Tahas Technologies   It’s not your grandfather’s family office! Well, maybe it is, but today’s family offices have grown in sophistication and complexity, especially with their investment programs. CIOs of single family offices have a daunting task of developing solutions around technology, operational management and asset allocation while keeping their mandate of capital preservation and income generation.   Family offices have developed investment portfolios that rival the most highly regarded endowment programs. Investing across the risk spectrum of real estate, commodities, currencies, fixed income, equities, private equity and hedge funds creates a challenge of deploying capital to experts in each of these fields while being able to efficiently consolidate the information needed to monitor the program’s results. Established family offices have traditionally relied on extensive staff and elaborate Excel spreadsheets to gather information from various sources to generate reports for the CIO to evaluate the programs results.


    SAP to double down on cybersecurity strategy

    BY AIMEE CHANTHADAVONG, ZDNet     Having a cybersecurity strategy will be a “driving force” going forward for SAP, according to company CEO Bill McDermott.   While no specific details were disclosed during the opening keynote about what approach SAP was going to take, McDermott told journalists at 2016 SAP Sapphire Now in Orlando, Florida that focusing on security has never been more crucial for the firm.   “You’re never done on focusing on security, especially cybersecurity. We not only focus on all the 45 years of learning that we’ve had in security in the ERP system, but we do that in multiple geographies and multiple industries, with multiple security techniques…[this] is what has really differentiated SAP,” he said.   “We have a security department, we have a head of security, and we’re also making organic investments in continuing to strengthen the focus on security, especially cybesecurity.”   Conversely, last


    7 Easy LinkedIn Tweaks That Boost Your Web Presence

    BY CHIRAG KULKARNI,   As the world’s largest professional network–it has more than 400 million members–LinkedIn is one of the best locations to market your business, network to find new opportunities, and land clients.   I like to think of LinkedIn as your online résumé and one of the first places that someone goes before meeting you in person.   Because of the power that LinkedIn possesses, it’s vital that you stand out there by having a top-notch page that showcases your talents, expertise, and personality. You can actually accomplish this feat by implementing the following seven tweaks.   1. Optimize your profile This should be a no-brainer, yet it’s an area that remains commonly overlooked. The best place to start is by completely filling out every section of your profile, having an updated and professional-looking photograph, and a unique headline that briefly describes why you’re so awesome.  


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